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Deska wakeboard Ronix HAPPY HOUR MODELLO 2018

Pro-model Massiego deski za motorówkę!
Producent: Ronix
Data dostarczenia: 1-3 dni
2 079,00 zł

Pro-model Massiego deski za motorówkę!

Benvenuto to the aquatic playground of our sport’s most well rounded and stylish rider, Massi, and his first aquatic playground riding device. Coming all the way from the shores of Lake Como Italy, Massi proudly introduces his new brainchild – the Happy Hour. Massi was looking for a takeoff of epic speed proportions. The only continuous rocker board in our boat board range offers the smoothest and most consistent take off within our range. A shape designed to take your tricks further out in the flats with softer landings – and unlike most continuous rocker boards, this shape will lock in without having a steep edge angle into the wake. The result is a board that easily points into a turn with solid and effective edge hold that doesn’t require the line tension of a board that you have to bury the rail on to set an edge.

  • Continuous Rocker
  • Modello Core
  • Intelligent 2 Core
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
  • Massi Pro Model

Happy Hour Modello

(LBS Range)
135 CONTINUOUS 2.5″ 22″-26″ 16.8″ 809 Sq In 160lbs and Up
139 CONTINUOUS 2.5″ 23″-27″ 17″ 840 Sq In 170lbs and Up
143 CONTINUOUS 2.6″ 24″-28″ 17.2″ 871 Sq In 175lbs and Up
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