Kamizelka Follow S.P.R CE IMPACT VEST Charcoal

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Data dostarczenia: 1-3 dni
739,00 zł
399,00 zł

Our focus was to make a sustainable product range that maintains our strict guidelines of performance. After years of development our factory has created, NaturalPrene™. This cutting edge material is a natural rubber foam, harvested from renewable rubber trees that replaces traditional neoprene that is made from bad stuff.
NaturalPrene™ is 100% neoprene-free. We then use a PVC free floatation foam. We have created what we set out to achieve. A high performance vest that will help us to start saving a small piece of the world, bit by bit.

Every S.P.R vest comes with a free stainless water bottle to help reduce our personal plastic bottle usage.



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